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Manuály k mazačce Brunswick Authority 22 (A22):

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CROWN_JEWELWall it up at the second arrow! That is the beauty of this gem of a pattern; it is almost too easy. The Crown Jewel plays so nice that it will surpass the brilliance of the greatest jewels ever found. Have fun and enjoy the fantastic reaction you will get with this pattern.541
INFERNOThis pattern is “on fire” from the beginning. Multiple angles allow different styles of players to compete together for their drive to perfection. The strong lengthwise taper creates predictable ball motion. The first transition will be mellow and all players need to do is follow the second transition (breakdown) to keep from getting burned.4.439
RHINOBeware…this pattern is ready to charge! It’s shorter length and wider girth offers players a chance to create transition and learn to stretch the patterns like the big boys. Get into rhythm and stay in the zone and your competition will have a difficult time keeping up.3.337
EDGEEdge is simply the highest scoring sport pattern possible. Used as the base pattern for the 2010 Brunswick Euro Challenge, it allows players to play the “edge” of the lane (aka the gutter). The 40 foot length allows the players to start fast and stay fast through all the games. However, sport pattern strategies apply here as well. Players that try to use recreation or house strategies may not be happy!1.840
PHANTOMThrough the darkness of the flat pattern comes a force of guidance, the 43 foot Phantom pattern, with a strong lengthwise taper, aided by a little shape to the front of the pattern, will make it a bit more bearable. However, the lane surface will still dictate the type of sport strategy the player must apply. Flat Pat gives the Phantom two thumbs up!1.443
SCORE KINGThe Score King pattern has been designed to accommodate centers whose environment supports a breakpoint further outside. The 39 foot distance helps enhance the shape of the pattern and creates a superb entry angle that will only benefit scores. It is good to be king, even for just one day…5.939
EZ 1.0If you want it, here it is…come and get it. You better hurry ‘cause their scoring fast! EZ as pie, this is the epitome of “stand left and throw right” (or visa versa). The narrow shape helps benefit centers with surface or topography issues that do not support a breakpoint outside of the 10 board.942
PHASE 1Phase 1 is designed to emphasize the first phase of pattern transition…carry down! How the players attack the short pattern will dictate the type of transitions. The transition can either reward or penalize the players. Sport pattern strategies are required here!2.436
THE DEEPRemember the early days of the megabuck tournaments. Players were forced to play deep inside and open up the lane. It is a blast from the past but teaches a valuable less on how to play “no man’s land.” Don’t be afraid to stand in front of the ball return, lads and lassies, the Deep offers a valuable lesson for players wanting more experience under their belt.4.242
11POLDBLLONG2011 Polish Doubles - Long3.443
11POLISHCUP2011 Polish Cup4.541
2006 CTF Long 42Canadian Team Finals pattern 1 of 42.942
2006 CTF Long 44Canadian Team Finals pattern 2 of 42.944
2006 CTF Short 35Canadian Team Finals pattern 3 of 43.135
2006 CTF Short 36Canadian Team Finals pattern 4 of 43.136
2006 Mini EliminatorThe Orleans Bowling Center, Las Vegas, NV – June 20067.937
2006 Superbowl Mini EliminatorThe Orleans Bowling Center, Las Vegas, NV – January/February 20065.938
2006 USBC MastersFinals at the Wisconsin Expo Center, Milwaukee, WI2.139
2007 Brunswick Euro ChallengeThessaloniki, Greece3.841
2007 Brunswick Summer ClassicBZ Carolier, North Brunswick, NJ3.639
2007 Maribor OpenMaribor, Slovenia4.639
2007 Super Sixxxxxx MalmoTourney 6 of 6 Malmö, Sweden4.539.5
2007 Superbowl Mini EliminatorThe Orleans Bowling Center, Las Vegas, NV – June 20077.739
2007 USBC MastersFinals at Miller Park, Milwaukee, WI2.239
2007 USBC Open ChampionshipNational Bowling Stadium, Reno, NV4.440
2008 Brunswick Euro ChallengePlaza Bowling Center – St. Maximin, France4.540
2008 Brunswick Summer ClassicBZ Carolier, North Brunswick, NJ440
2008 Maribor OpenMaribor, Slovenia3.540
2008 MHSAA Division 1 Regional FinalsStarlite Lanes, Grand Haven, MI3.840
2008 USBC Open ChampionshipAlbuquerque, NM2.540
2009 BPA of Canada2009 BPA of Canada4.141
2009 Brunswick BallmasterTali Bowl, Helsinki, Finland2.740
2009 Brunswick Euro ChallengePlaza Bowling Center – St. Maximin, France4.138
2009 Brunswick Summer ClassicBZ Carolier, North Brunswick, NJ3.941
2009 Jeff De Bruges Euro Youth TournPlaza Bowling Center – St. Maximin, France3.640
2009 USBC MastersCashman Center, Las Vegas, NV2.339
2009 USBC Open ChampionshipLas Vegas, NV2.540
2010 Brunswick Ballmaster OpenTali Bowl, Helsinki, Finland2.840.5
2010 Brunswick Euro ChallengePlaza Bowling Center – St. Maximin, Paris, France2.439
2010 KL LONGCommon Wealth Games – Kuala Lumpur2.642
2010 KL SHORTCommon Wealth Games – Kuala Lumpur235
2010 USBC MastersNational Bowling Stadium, Reno, NV2.140
2010 USBC Open ChampionshipsNational Bowling Stadium, Reno, NV240
2011 BECBrunswick Euro Challenge - Paris, FR1.341
2011 BIC ASTIBrunswick Italia Challenge3.140
2011 IDMIDM Open - Bucharest2.339
2011 PBAP Bevida International ClassicManila, Philippines8.539
2011 PBAP Saturday League PatternManila, Philippines939
2011 RUSSIA2011 Russia Open3.240
2011PBAPLONG14th Bevida International Classic – Manila (Long)2.343
2011PBAPSHRT14th Bevida International Classic – Manila (Short)2.934
2011USBC OCUSBC Open Championship – Reno, NV341
2011USBCWOM2011 USBC Women’s Championship – Syracuse, NY3.640
2011USOPENWM2011 US Women’s Open – Arlington, TX4.539
2012 BBMOBrunswick Ballmaster Open – Tali Bowl – Helsinki2.739.5
2012USBC OCUSBC Open Championships – Baton Rouge, LA239
A22 Competitive 1A22 Competitive 13.637
A22 Competitive 2A22 Competitive 2241
A22 Competitive 3A22 Competitive 33.335
A22 Competitive 4A22 Competitive 44.245
A22 Competitive 5A22 Competitive 53.542
A22 Flat 1A22 Flat 1136
A22 Flat 2A22 Flat 2140
A22 Flat 3A22 Flat 3144
A22 Flat 4A22 Flat 4148
A22 House 1A22 Factory preset pattern 1 of 108.840
A22 House 2A22 Factory preset pattern 2 of 108.839
A22 Ladies and SeniorsA22 Factory preset pattern 3 of 10538
A22 Open PlayA22 Factory preset pattern 4 of 10, Low volume pattern designed specifically for open play using polyester balls036
A22 Sport 2 to 1A22 Factory preset pattern 9 of 101.939
A22 Sport 2.5 to 1A22 Factory preset pattern 8 of 102.538
A22 Sport 3 to 1A22 Factory preset pattern 7 of 102.937
A22 Sport FlatA22 Factory preset pattern 10 of 10143
Absolute Control 1Higher pattern volume for more lineage8.341
Absolute Control 2Narrower shape of the pattern moves breaking point further inside, away from “out-of-bounds”939
Authority22W22 1Higher volume pattern for more lineage740
Authority22W22 2Narrower shape of the pattern moves breaking point further inside, away from “out-of-bounds”738
BC1-ARDirect+ Version of Abbey Road3.440
BC2-BPDirect+ Version of Beaten Path4.341
BC3-BWDirect+ Version of Broadway4.137
BC4-MRDirect+ Version of Middle Road4.239
BC5-R66Direct + Version of Route 66445
BC6-SSDirect+ Version of Sunset Strip340
BR1-BSDirect+ Version of Bourbon Street6.840
BR2-ESDirect+ Version of Easy Street9.438
BR3-HSDirect+ Version of High Street8.844
BR4-MSDirect+ Version of Main Street6.541
BR5-SSDirect+ Version of Stone Street7.342
BR6-WSDirect+ Version of Wall Street7.840
BS1-ABDirect+ Version of Autobahn2.542
BS2-BWDirect+ Version of Boardwalk2.235
BS3-DMCDirect+ Version of Dead Man’s Curve3.143
BS4-H2HDirect+ Version of Highway to Hell2.540
BS5-TPDirect+ Version of Turnpike2.541
BS6-WRDirect+ Version of Winding Road2.739
Connect 1Higher pattern volume for more lineage8.342
Connect 2Narrower shape of the pattern moves breaking point further inside, away from “out-of-bounds”8.840
CONTROL 1Higher pattern volume for more lineage6.940
CONTROL 2Narrower shape of the pattern moves breaking point further inside, away from “out-of-bounds”7.137
Envoy HouseEnvoy Starting Pattern 1 of 107.440
LOGIC 1Higher pattern volume for more lineage6.642
LOGIC 2Narrower shape of the pattern moves breaking point further inside, away from “out-of-bounds”6.940
NAVIGATOR112011 Navigator’s Cup – Limossal, Cyprus4.140
NCAA 1NCAA Pattern 1 of 54.443
NCAA 2NCAA Pattern 2 of 52.435
NCAA 3NCAA Pattern 3 of 52.938
NCAA 4NCAA Pattern 4 of 52.540
NCAA 5NCAA Pattern 5 of 52.342
USBC BLUE 1USBC Red, White, and Blue pattern series5.342
USBC BLUE 2USBC Red, White, and Blue pattern series6.140
USBC BLUE 3USBC Red, White, and Blue pattern series4.638
USBC RED 1USBC Red, White, and Blue pattern series9.135
USBC RED 2USBC Red, White, and Blue pattern series10.440
USBC RED 3USBC Red, White, and Blue pattern series10.337
USBC WHITE 1USBC Red, White, and Blue pattern series7.940
USBC WHITE 2USBC Red, White, and Blue pattern series7.541
USBC WHITE 3USBC Red, White, and Blue pattern series6.439
WTBA_ATHENS2012 WTBA Pattern 1 of 122.340
WTBA_ATLANTA2012 WTBA Pattern 2 of 122.338
WTBA_BEIJING2012 WTBA Pattern 3 of 121.535
WTBA_LONDON2012 WTBA Pattern 4 of 123.144
WTBA LOS ANGELES2012 WTBA Pattern 5 of 121.736
WTBA MEXICO2012 WTBA Pattern 6 of 12245
WTBA MONTREAL2012 WTBA Pattern 7 of 122.941
WTBA PARIS2012 WTBA Pattern 8 of 12347
WTBA SEOUL2012 WTBA Pattern 9 of 122.639
WTBA STOCKHLM2012 WTBA Pattern 10 of 121.634
WTBA SYDNEY2012 WTBA Pattern 11 of 121.333
WTBA TOKYO2012 WTBA Pattern 12 of 122.543
TRINEC KielceTřinec, Kielce 20136.440
TRINEC VEREJNOSTTřinec, veøejnost130
TRINEC MYTITřinec, mytí130
TRINEC HOUSETřinec, house7.539


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